Food safety standards and certification schemes are always asking food producers to conform with the requirements of the standard and among them to confirm with the legislation in countries of operation and exporting countries.

I have witnessed many cases through performed audits of companies not following changes of legislation on time, companies failed to label products according to exporting legislation leading to product returns and additional expenses.

Not to mention issues connected with the customer complaints and proper responses of the company in a legal manner. I was always wondering who would be a real help in those cases and stumbled upon this great gentleman who is the founder of whit a magnificent blog and post on LinkedIn and who is a recognized Food Lawyer.

Together we discussed the problems of companies to comply with different food legislation, we mentioned food frauds, labeling issues, customer complaints, and recalls.

We pointed out the importance of company preparation to have a good and fast response in cases of customer complaints and recalls from exporting countries. In the end, we explained the topics and importance in which one Food Lawyer can help the company.

Topics we discussed are listed:

03:20 What is Food Lawyer?

06:00 Exporting of food products, food laws following and compliance

09:00 Starting as a Food Lawyer, criminal cases of food safety

13:00 Following of food legislation in more than 90 countries

15:30 Food Fraud, Food Defence

25:45 Frauds with organic products

38:00 Food product labeling, Labeling legislation, Private Brand products

44:30 Dealing with customer/public compliance, Food product recalls

In the end, we concluded that Food Lawyer becomes a necessity for serious food operators due to timely legislation following and updates, and legally understandable responses in cases of customer complaints and potential recalls.

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