In this webinar, we have presented food safety in the supply chain and transport. President of ENFIT organization Mr Hans-Dieter Philipowski has provided valuable information regarding the growing issue of food safety in the supply chain, explained what are the potential hazards, how food in transport is affected by food defence threats and food fraud vulnerabilities. Additionally, questions about cleaning of transport tanks, containers, the silo were covered as recordings that follow the complete process in the unique software solution "bulkvision". In the end, questions set up by participants were answered

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  • Hello Mr. Surčinski. I work for GFCO – we are a non-profit that certifies gluten-free products. We are beginning to write a training for our Standard, and would like to engage a consultant who can review the content from both a food safety and educational perspective, with the goal of developing both an online and in-person training program. Do you perform this type of consulting? If so, we would love the chance to talk with you about our project. Please contact me using the information provided below, and thank you for your time. Best regards.